Blockchain Tokenization and Trading Services
Gallant Partners
Since 2007, Gallant Partners LLC has provided a range of development, consulting and management of various technology based systems and platforms, ranging from Web development, Mobile Applications, Project Management and Marketing.


From our start in the SaaS/PaaS industry in 2007, Gallant Partners, has been at the forefront in development and platform launches in markets ranging from Capital Markets, Blockchain, Healthcare, Pharma and retail focused applications.

Our indepth ability to plan, discover, build and launch projects with products in variuos industries, has given us insight across various markets and verticals, exposing our customers to decades worth of subject matter knowledge.



Consulting services that range from Blockchain development, crypto and fiat trading systems and mobile applications. Based on NY, Gallant has provided development work in various markets, for B2B and B2C. Digital media, Transportation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Cloud technologies.

Our product teams are based around the world and provide a range of development and project management services.