Web Development Services

Our Process:

1. Setup (DB creation, WP installation, Theme configuration)
2. Site Review – when the site is 25% done (post setup) then we review and dictate objectives (what you like, you don’t, what to change, what to add, etc.)
3. Solution Review – when the site is 75% done (post review); and we’ve implemented almost all of the requirements we gathered during out site review.
4. Final Review and Validation – when the site is 100% done and we’ve implemented all known requests and dealt with all known issues.
5. Training – learn to use WP and the theme options.
6. Go Live – we hit the switch to make the site live on your domain.

We have years of experience in developing, deploying and maintaining web sites, in a wide range of markets and application services. A Web presence is crucial in the marketplace and so is its branding and marketing capabilities, but most importantly to provide the best possible social and business solutions tool to the stakeholders.Gallant offers a wide variety of Web based services to our clients. These include e-commerce development, marketing and hosting, project management and graphic design. These are all connected together to provide companies the best possible all around solution for an online presence.

Most of our applications are built on PHP, HTML5, JS, Pearl, VB, ASP, .NET; which is advantageous to us and to our clients. Our web based solutions can be hosted on a local area network, or with one of our custom hosting solution configurations. By hosting applications, we are able to make modifications and upgrades easily, while providing our clients with an easy to access web-based platform which is managed 24/7 and safely backed-up.

Web Development Scope

  • Simple and Complex Designs
  • Content Management Systems
  • Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, OsCommerce, ZenCart
  • Blogs, Forums, Showcases, Social Platforms
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Gallant Partners is a New York City based Custom Software Development & Internet Strategies company, who's purpose is the development and marketing of custom software, web and media applications, developed and deployed for businesses. We're the perfect all-in-one solution for Project Management and software development.

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