Back on the 1st page on Google

SEO WinnerToday during a routine SERP test (Search engine results page), we found that Gallant Partners is between #1 to #8 on the First Page results for the query:

“Custom Web Development in NYC”

“Custom CRM Development in NYC”

Big Data & Project Runway

Big Data in Fashion

Some time ago, I was managing a company that provided on-site IT solutions and had a number of clients from the fashion and talent management industry; who dealt with everything from design, marketing/sales and distribution of product lines […]

Choose the ‘Right’ CRM platform!

CRM PlatformThe CRM options for businesses is no diminishing market and anyone looking for the perfect Customer Relations Management platform should be able to have most of their requirements met with little or no customization. Much like any procurement procedure, one must evaluated […]

Information + Technology = Value

Information + Technology = Value

Recently, I was talking with a client that was asking about our various Business Intelligence and Big Data mining services and consultation. I found myself explaining why companies are now shifting focus to this new ‘catch phrase’ […]

Big Data; Value not Volume


Big data has the potential to transform much of how we think about our businesses and even more than that, how consumers think about their activities in researching and procuring the products and services they want – but making sense of […]

WordPress Security…free plugin

Wordpress Security

WordPress has become an increasingly default content management and is itself is a very secure platform. However, it helps to add some extra security and firewall to your site by using a security plugin that enforces a lot of good […]

SEO Study

Search Engine Optimization ReportSEOMoz conducted a survey with over 100 SEO professionals and compiled a long list of 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors which provides insight into the inner workings of the future of search. The following data represents the opinions […] case study

October 1st was the day. The US government may have shutdown, but despite the best efforts of Tea Party Republicans, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s centerpiece — the state and Federal health exchanges where people can shop for […]

Servers (4) Startups video

Free Servers for Startups

GP Founder joins the Financial Commission Dispute Resolution Committee

Financial CommissionForex Brokers

The Financial Commission is an external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for FX (Forex) consumers/traders who are unable to resolve disputes with financial services providers that are members of the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission set out […]