Monitoring and Controlling the DevelopmentBig Data for Small Business

Once we are in the executing phase of our work, we must always be diligent in monitoring and tracking the work that is being performed. This is done for many reasons;

  • That the team is working on the correct activities
  • To ensure that we are on-schedule
  • To verify we are on-budget
  • And to ensure the quality of the work is acceptable
If deviations from the plan are identified, we may result to using project control activities in order to perform the necessary analysis on how these new deviations will effect the project scope.
This step is done in parallel to the other project processes (planning, execution, etc.) to ensure those activities are also being done in order to meet the project requirements. Considering that most of the project activities (and costs) occur during the execution phase, however, we put most of our monitoring effort on this part of the project.

Changes to the original project execution plan are inevitable. Changes will always occur to your project, so we must be flexible and be able to manage the changes as they occur. It is an important job of the project manager to identify all changes from the original project scope – this is referred to as change control. Managing change is one of the most challenging areas of project management and if left unchecked can result in projects that run off the rails. Often times, project managers are blamed for being behind schedule and over-budget, but often, this is the result of changes that have crept into the project and were not properly managed by the project manager.

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Process Highlights

  • Status of the activities that have been scheduled
  • Course corrections required
  • Revision of estimates to complete the work
  • Any changes occurred that will require a scope addition?
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