Collecting Requirements for a Development ProjectProject Initiation

Projects in Web development are operations performed by people, under the constraint of finite resources and involves planning executing and controlling.

The input we seek when collecting requirements, is molded into the requirements documentation; this outlines the stakeholder’s needs and requirements in order to fully meet the details objectives of the project.┬áThis creates the basis of the project and product scope, which in turn shines the light on the the scope definition. We begin to collect requirements after the plan scope management process starts, but before scope definition process starts.

Project Definition

  • Purpose: Why are you doing this work? (Short term and long term Goals)
  • Objectives: What specific outcomes will be achieved, and how will you measure these outcomes? (POC? Live working platform? SaaS? PaaS? Mobile? etc.)
  • Scope: What are the boundaries for this project? (ex. type of work, type of client, type of problem, geographic area covered)
  • Deliverables: What will the project deliver as outputs? Where you can, describe deliverables as tangible items like reports, products, or services. Dates are expected that each deliverable be delivered. You’ll use this information to monitor milestones.
  • Constraints: What things must you take into consideration that will influence your deliverables and schedule? These are external variables that we cannot control but need to manage (Risk Management).
  • Assumptions: What assumptions are you making at the start of the project? If necessary, schedule work to confirm these assumptions.

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Process Highlights

  • Scope Management Plan
  • Requirements Management Plan
  • Interviews, Focus Groups, Observations and Market Analysis
  • Requirements Documentation
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