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Gallant’s Android website app initiative gives our clients their own application + a QR code + published on Google Play….and more. One Website For All Devices allows you to build a single website, web application or native mobile application that works on multiple devices, screen sizes and orientations, all from the same code. We convert your website into an Android application and when published on Google Play, Android users will find it more interesting and will surf it with ease.

Web developers looking to build responsive websites that adjust automatically to multiple screen sizes and devices.
Mobile application developers looking to accomplish the same purpose, but in native mobile applications or web apps built using HTML code and tools like PhoneGap, Corona or Titanium.

This multi-screen method helps you solve 3 common problems:
Developing and maintaining multiple versions of the same website for different platforms (i.e., and

Compromising real state and/or content to allow smaller screens to access the same site, such as optimizing a site for 1024×768, which can look fairly small to users with screen resolutions of 1280px wide and above
Having to build multiple versions of native mobile applications, one for each platform such as iOS, Blackberry and Android

The purpose of this package is to help you set the structure of a multi-device website or native application quick and easy, while staying out of your way. A set of structural, responsive web design templates allow you to add all the design beauty and styling, and get you started in minutes.

Mobile application developers can use this package with tools such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, Corona, Rhomobile, Sencha and AppMobi. The powerful multi-platform publishing capabilities of these tools, allow you to deploy native mobile applications using the same source code, leveraging native APIs and device-specific features; all of this using your web dev skills.

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