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To determine the right IT business solution for one’s company, relative to budgetary considerations, business executives must account for hard dollar costs, things such as hardware and software purchase and labor to support the staff. But they must also calculate the soft dollar costs, things such as the loss of productivity associated with system downtime or a competitive disadvantage associated with improper strategic planning and vision.

From helping to build and support day-to day operations and sales of all forms of online and off-line businesses, Gallant develops Custom Software Applications ranging in CRM (Customer Relations Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Database management and most recently diving into Big Data and Business intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted offerings

It can be a challenging responsibility to manage, especially for small businesses that cannot afford to make budget mistakes. We aim to provide companies of all sizes with predictable, enterprise-level Technology and IT support, giving them access to world-class platforms, sales, marketing and leading customer support.

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Gallant Partners is a New York City based Custom Software Development & Internet Strategies company, who's purpose is the development and marketing of custom software, web and media applications, developed and deployed for businesses. We're the perfect all-in-one solution for Project Management and software development.

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