The Last phase of the ProjectSecurity

Projects in Web development are operations performed by people, under the constraint of finite resources and involves planning to execute and to control.

  • The users/customers have formally accepted all outcomes
  • Operational procedures are in place
  • The handover to operational staff has been completed
  • Documentation and reference material is in place
  • We’ve closed out all loose ends
In this final phase, the Project Manager will be juggling the monitoring of fine detail with a review of the strategic objectives to ensure the project does actually achieve the desired outcomes. This will involve close collaboration with the team and our client, to assure our deliverables are delivered within scope. The closing includes the formal acceptance of the project and the ending thereof. Administrative activities include the archiving of the files and documenting lessons learned.

This phase consists of:

  • Contract closure: Complete and settle each contract (including any open items) and close each contract applicable to the project or project phase.
  • Project close: Finalize all activities across all of the process groups to formally close the project or a project phase

Between one and three months after the project has been closed and the business has begun to experience the benefits provided by the project, we may decideto complete a Post Implementation Review. This review allows the business to identify the level of success of the project and list any lessons learned for future projects.

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