Build Your Own Bitcoin eXchange


If you are considering diving into the world of cryptocurrencies? If you are looking to establish a fair and balanced service to the world of Bitcoin, then we can help.

From the first moment we start our planning, to our execution and monitoring and controlling the work, we provide a simple 30 day (start to finish) plan to get you up and running.

We provide an easy integration, with your current hosting/cloud environment and have an extremely flexible configuration for various 3rd parties for custodial and support services.

Can be easily integrated with a number of 3rd party online banking platforms, which provides users with funds and allows you to outsource verification of identity.

Your users can trade and maintain balances in multiple fiat currencies on the same user account.

Pre-configured to function with the official Bitcoin Core client (bitcoind) by default. No need for any knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol or command-line interface.

The platform comes out-of-the-box with its own proprietary back-end for managing everything from page content to fiat-currency withdrawals by users.

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