Gallant Partners is now offering Bitcoin for WooCommerce (WordPress Sites); a full-fledged payment gateway for WooCommerce that makes it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. This gives customers the opportunity to use Bitcoins as payment for their orders.

In the background, this plugin will make all the work of ensuring incoming payments are well received. Moreover, it generates a configurable QR Code on the checkout page and even in the e-mail notification to allow any QR code reader to show your Bitcoin address.

Bitcoin for WooCommerce Features

Automatic conversion to Bitcoin
Frees your customers from calculating their order total to Bitcoin. Built-in exchange rates function. Supports available for all currencies!

QR Code generation
Automatically generates nice QR codes on the fly to save your customers from copy/paste thus increasing conversion rate.

QR Code control
Don’t want QR Code ? Want it in your own custom size ? we’ve got you covered! Just use the settings to control your QR Code.

Double spending prevention
Double spending occurs when a successful payment occurs more than once. Bitcoin uses transaction confirmations to prevent and avoid this risk. This item allows you to control the number of confirmations a payment is required to be considered as paid. Default (recommended) value is set to a 6.

Payment notifications
Like PayPal IPN, Bitcoin for WooCommerce perfectly handles bitcoin payment notifications to track transaction hash and the likes.

Events logging
Enable debug to view raw processing logs and monitor activity.

Automatic order update
Order set to completed when payment is confirmed. Prevent you from delivering an order before you actually receive your bitcoins.

Custom fields
Review bitcoin payment details (transation hash, received bitcoins, receiving bitcoin address) directly on order page from admin.

Expected amount checks
Ensure paid bitcoins matches expected amount.

Secure environment
No need to store your private keys in your woocommerce. Your bitcoins are safe even if your store is hacked.

Support for all wallets
Receive your bitcoins straight into your wallet whether you’re using a web wallet like (e.g: Coinbase,, etc…) or a deskop/mobile wallet like MultiBit.