Our Products

White Label Exchange

Your own dedicated setup Institutional setup, so you own the code on your own hosted cloud.

Aggregated Liquidity

Offering a number of cryptocurrencies for high trading opportunities and delivery through our platform.

Wallet Services

Our platform comes with default BTC, ETH and DASH wallets in our portal and with mobile apps.

Full API

Complete API offering, allowing integration with remittance and reporting services.

Full Back-office

KYC / AML, Account Management, Deposits & Withdrawls; everything you need to run your Exchange.

Certified Platform
For Traders And Brokers:

Ibinex provides Brokers and traders a Crypto currency exchange white label liquidity services in trading a 24/7/365 day instrument, for year round trading. We cater to a range of clients, and provide a turn key broker solution among our many services. With our web based trading platform & Integration services, geared at turn key integration solutions (as a stand alone or any legacy trading server), you and your clients will be trading soon after we begin implementation.